Focus Eyecare

Focus Eyecare

When we were shut down as a result of the quarantine, Vince and the SB One Bank team reached out to us directly. They were very understanding and flexible with our loan terms when we weren't able to pay for the first couple of months.  Vince assisted us in securing government funding to help keep our employees on the payroll through most of the shutdown.  While many of our professional colleagues were unable to get financial assistance or had delays with their paperwork and red tape, we were incredibly lucky that SB One was so helpful.

Focus Eye Care is a primary care optometry practice, providing eye care services to Bergen County for over 40 years.  The practice, in its original form, started in 1976, and despite a few location and name changes , it has steadily grown thanks to its loyal patients. For the past seven years, Focus Eyecare has been owned by Matt Esperon and, for three of those years, located at its current address in Hackensack.


Matt Esperon
302 Union Street, 2nd Floor
Hackensack, NJ 07601